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Channel Meditation

We all have those we find to be inspiring, empowering, or just plain iconic. I have been called a leader before but make no mistake, all leaders have leaders and all gurus have gurus. In times of need, desperation, or confusion I turn to this sacred meditation to tune into those who lead me.

Channeling is a form of meditation and communication. It’s human to higher soul connection.

To begin, think of a positive person or someone who leads you or inspires you in some way. For me it’s my great grandmother, Harriet Tubman, and many others. Tune into their energy, what you love about them, their strengths, and how they dealt with their weaknesses. Allow their energy to come down your crown charka (located at the top of your head) and channel that energy to come down through your entire body. When you listen to someone’s music, read their work, or use their art, you are connecting with their energy in some way. This medi is a way to directly connect with gurus and their wisdom. Be aware of images, sounds, and repeated or strong thoughts that come through as these may be messages.

In times of peril or loneliness, it’s important to know there are people and souls all around to connect with, both present on earth and passed over.

Enjoy and channel wisely 😉😉😉

Drake Meditation



“Higher powers taking a hold on me…..”

I wrote this meditation about a year and a half ago about a Drake song that I heard. The song inspired me to take a positive outlet to negative energy and emotions I experienced. And so, we have the Drake Meditation:

Our “lower” emotions sit in our lower chakras where higher energies can be experienced in the higher chakras. Whenever you feel low, negative, angry, lustful, prideful, etc. use this meditation for transmuting and transforming of energy. This is a variation of a common meditation used by many master teachers.

Visualize your lower chakras. As you inhale bring that energy up from your root, sacral, and solar plexus up to your crown chakra. Hold that energy there and hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale.

Repeat until lower energy or emotions are transformed into peace and love.

love chakras

Just Feel: A Meditation 

Throughout our lives we are held to expectations emotionally. We are supposed to want the big career, the perfect husband, whatever your family wanted for you, or whatever you thought you wanted. Expantacy can confuse your emotions, influence bad choices, or create depression and anxiety. Sometimes other things can influence our feelings and make them it difficult to digest and feel such as astrological transits, routine, denial, a fast pace lifestyle, etc. This meditation is designed to help you with feeling your true feels. Connecting with heart space and your natural and sometimes chaotic emotional cycles. Quieting the mind and getting in the flow. 

To begin, sit or lay wherever you feel comfortable. Become aware of the dominant emotion you have. Become aware of the second and third most dominant emotion. Release resistance and judgement to what you feel. Feel what is dominant and what is subtle. Allow all of your feels and flow with them. Give time to feel each of them no matter how long it takes. Understand you don’t have to act on any of them. Know that just feeling is one of the greatest experiences there is. 

Namaste LOVERS

Routine, Rituals, Cycles, and Patterns: Keys to Success 

What do routine, rituals, cycles, and patterns have in common? They are the building blocks of our life. They create the energy we live our lives in. Routines are the choices we regularly choose to organize ourselves. They usually support our self care and work goals.  Rituals are spiritual routines. They are the actions we repeatedly do to honor our higher selves, God, etc. Cycles are natural patterns. The earth has cycles that come in the form of seasons. Relationships, work, and society have cycles that we go through and hopefully also grow through. Patterns can be behaviors, thought pathways, relationship or work struggles or successes. What is your routine? What are your rituals? Do you notice the cycles around you? What patterns do you have and where did you develop them? These questions can lead to great self understanding. Idenifying our routines, rituals, cycles, and patterns whether on a small, personal level or a cosmic one leads us to healing, control, and success. Become aware of the cycles around you and be conscious of the ones you create. Understand your patterns, create positive ones, and the world is yours. 

How to Create More Abundance 

Love is the root of all abundance. Whatever kind of abundance you’re looking for whether it be money, relationships, or spiritual- it all starts in the same place. Here’s the 🔑🔑🔑 to more abundance.  

1. Low self worth

The universe is always hearing the conversation you’re having with yourself. If you believe that you don’t deserve abundance then the universe will confirm that.

2. Not knowing your worth

If you do not state what you’re worth, the universe doesn’t have direction. If you charge too little, you block flow. If you charge too much, you block flow.  If you date below your worth, you ruin your vibe. Know what you want in a partner or friend. Aim high while being grounded. 

3. Spending too much or too little 

When you disrespect your flow or constrict your flow by not spending or spending too much, the universe responds by eliminating resource. “Respect your money. Pay your bills on time.” – Gabby Bernstein. This works the same with relationships- don’t date just because you can. Have purpose in dating even if that purpose is only to love. Don’t go on dates for low vibrational reasons – it’s a waste! 

4. Refusal to work

Money is energy and so you need to put in energy to get money out. This seems obvious but some people get stuck with the notion of getting paid for work first. Service, work for free, volunteer, etc until you can turn the energy you’re giving out into money coming in. This works the same with relationships. Put in the time before you see a strong relationship bloom. 

5. Too much focus upon money or relationships 

Money and love are supposed to flow. Like a boiling pot, it can’t do its thing if you’re watching. Focus on the love, the service, the gratitude.

6. End shame

There’s no problem with wanting a relationship or just wanting millions. There’s no problem with only wanting an average income. There is no problem with wanting to be supported or supporting others. There is no problem as long as the choice comes from a place of love and freedom. 

Self Love Tips 

We all incarnate with different needs, wants, and energy. By looking at your sun sign you can determine what your basic needs are in life and how to fulfill them. You can create a life that is more loving and abundant. You should totally check out and use the tips for your moon sign and rising sign too.


Try meditation. You are so passionate sometimes you can’t control your urges. Practice deep breathing so when the time comes for you to blow up, instead you self soothe.


Have an excerise routine. You tend to get lazier than most so having a run scheduled once a week can really change your energy, productivity, and actually attract more wealth to you.


Get a hobby. You have so much extra energy it’s important that you have some outlet. Without an outlet, it could lead you to stirring up trouble just to entertain yourself.


Get a diary. Instead of being pushed about by your mood swings, wear a smile and learn to express emotions at the proper time. Letting out all the sercret mushy thoughts you have in a healthy way will leave you lighter emotionally.


Express your emotions in a less dramatic way. You are really secretly sensitive, let people know. You turn people away when you use your big presence for drama instead of fun.


Do something spontanous once a week. You have so much order in your life that it can become unknowling boring. Randomness brings inspiration which brings out better work in you.


Do solo activites. You are so caught up in others that you forget about alone time. Getting to know yourself better means better relationships.


Get a secret hobby. Do something once a week or once a month that no one knows about. Having a double life will give you intensity and privacy you crave.


Do a vision board. You are so fast moving and curious you loose track of goals. Arrange a board that has all your goals to keep you focused and inspired.


Spend money on yourself. I don’t mean dinner or a pair of shoes for work, I mean really spend and invest in yourself. You are so tight with money that you may actually block your money flow energetically.


Watch what you’re listening to. The lyrics and beats have an extreme affect on your mood and mind. I know you love music, just be more selective.


Get regular energy clearings. You are so sensitive to energy that you may need regular clearing. If you can’t afford a healer, take a salt bath instead as it clears negative energy.

The Signs as a Girl Boss

Aries: You are the ultimate leader. People naturally follow your lead so choose your moves carefully. Aries are known to be business owners and very independent. You GIRLBOSS by rocking your attitude to the top.
Taurus: You are great with money as you are ruled by Venus. You attract business partners easily with your calm approach to any situation. You GIRLBOSS by building your wealth no matter the weather.
Gemini: You work with others well so you have a lot of business connections. Multitasking, social media, and marketing are your strong points. You GIRLBOSS by using your contacts, making sure everyone works together, and selling the perfect image.
Cancer: You are a hard worker and love to provide for others. You are a natural nurturer so when others are down you pick them up. You GIRLBOSS by hustling for the ones you love.
Leo: Creativity and expression are your strong points. Your warmth makes you a good leader as well. People have no problem working under you. You GIRLBOSS by coming up with unique ways to express yourself.
Virgo: Anybody that gets to work with you is lucky! You take your work as your pride and will not produce anything less than perfect. You GIRLBOSS by really paying attention to the usefulness of your product and making sure anyone that uses it, comes back for seconds.
Libra: You have an eye for beauty. Anything in the art industry suits you. You’re always professional, a peach to work with, and you want everyone to win. You GIRLBOSS by bringing deals together for the whole team to enjoy.
Scorpio: Your intensity and passion for life never ceases to amaze people. Because you have a zero bullshit tolerance, you can cut deals sharper than any business man out there. You GIRLBOSS by using your gut to makes decisions.
Sagittarius: You are very competitive, making sure you are always ahead of the pack. Free spirited and fun, you make the office a party. Although you are popular, you can get it on your own no problem. You GIRLBOSS by aiming high and hitting the mark every time.
Capricorn: You are the most career oriented of the pack. You bring your pain, your heart, your joy and channel it all into work. No one can out do you. You have the patience, intelligence, and strength to build huge projects that are timeless. You GIRLBOSS by diving into discipline to reach the top.
Aquarius: You are the innovator. You never copy, you are the original. People look to you for what’s new and the next big thing. You GIRLBOSS by being way too cool to care what people think and working for future humanity instead of the now. You didn’t even try to make a million dollars, it just happened!
Pisces: No one sees you coming. You are the silent killer in the office. Your creativity and soul set you apart. You’re not the hardest worker, but what you do produce is meaningful and makes a statement. You understand how to win by being whatever you need to be. You GIRLBOSS by using your perfect timing and never getting too connected to the physical realm.

Detox Meditation

Unfortunetly, sometimes YOU are the toxic person. And sometimes it’s just one thought you have that’s toxic. What makes a person un toxic? They are kind, know when to apologize, return to light as soon as they realize they have gone out of alignment, are generally positive, don’t judge others while still having discernment, strive for peace and growth,  and they try their best to service themselves and others. 

Here’s a medi for getting rid of any toxic vibes ASAP.

Step 1) Get something to release bad vibes into. It can be a salt bowl (literally a bowl of salt), a body of water, the sun or sunlight or black crystals (preferably black tourmaline). 

Step 2) Relax and go within. Go from your crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar, sacral, to your root chakra asking what toxic vibes, beliefs, thoughts etc need to be released. Release them into your vibe catcher. 

Step 3) Self forgiveness! “I forgive myself and I return to light”

Moon Love: How the Phases of the Moon Affect Us

The moon is constantly moving through and changing signs. It remains in each sign for about two and a half days. The energetic impact of the moon is the vibration we feel the most from the cosmos. As you vibrate higher and higher, you will become more sensitive and feel the affect of each moon phase. In our Universe there are cycles that we go through. It is important to your peace and growth to understand these cycles and flow with them. Resisting what a moon phase brings up is the worst you can do. Learn to appreciate the different energy given to us and make the most of each moon phase. You will also notice trends in behavior of people that correlate with the moon phases. This article describes how we feel under each moon phase and how to flow with them.
Aries Moon
This is the beginning of a moon cycle. Under an Aries moon we feel ready to forget the past and move onward to the next adventure. We have the energy to begin new projects and have a creative drive. If your normal routine is to lay in bed till the afternoon, you are not going to agree with this moon phase. The energy we are blessed with under this moon is the perfect opportunity to work out and put energy into what we are personally passionate about. We may feel impatient, aggressive, and react quickly and sometimes wrongly to situations. However, we are able to laugh it off and move on to the next! Watch your temper and the need to win on these days. All activities are better if done solo. Just try to focus on yourself under this moon phase. Authenticity reigns!
Taurus Moon
Under a Taurus moon we feel the need to nourish ourselves and relax. We are more likely to take an afternoon nap, eat an extra bowl of ice-cream, and avoid a lot of social contact. We love to be in our homes or at least somewhere we are comfortable. Although the urge to be lazy is prominent, there is an opportunity to plant seeds of hard work and new habits. This is beautiful earth energy. We remember that we are human beings with 5 amazing senses to explore the world with. It’s a great time for grounding, loving the simple things, and evaluating your resources. Under a Taurus moon, I remember my love for our living room couch and find the most joy in cooking a meal for my family. With this phase, try to savor your life as your desire for a slow pace won’t match the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
Gemini Moon
Under this moon phase we are injected with high energy and the desire for stimulation. Interactions with strangers, roommates, and siblings are inspirational and fun! If you are a blogger, this is the day to werk hunny. You may all of the sudden become very talkative and witty. What would normally be a small exchange of “hey, how are you” to your neighbor might turn into a whole conversation. Explore your community and enjoy your own culture. You have no idea who people are and what they have to offer so try listening and truly communicating with people under this phase. Focusing might be hard, but you will be full of ideas. Speaking of distraction, social media is always poppin with Gemini energy around! Use this energy to get a lot done, learn, and socialize. You may take up a new hobby or meet someone new! This is also a good phase to have a party. Go on an adventure and let curiosity take over!
Cancer Moon
Under a Cancer moon we become especially emotional, sensitive, and the desire for nurturing from others increases. Due to the mass of emotions that come like a wave, it is actually a good time to access your own emotions and needs. Because you will be so sensitive, little things may trigger big emotions. Examine your psyche as to why you feel the way you do. It’s perfectly ok to cry under this phase! Honor the divine feminine and call your girl or mother to see how she’s doing. We all might be seeking a cuddle session under this phase. If you have no one to squeeze, try getting your feelings out in a creative way. For me it’s sappy poetry, but for you a simple diary entry will do. Go with the flow of the day (like the watery sign of cancer) and let emotions come and go. Your intuition will increase as well. It is a time for family, close friends, and getting to know yourself. Hiding at home will be favorited. Try to understand the weight of emotions on this day as there is a tendency for people to be whiney and oversensitive.
Leo Moon
Under a Leo moon our desire to express ourselves goes overboard. Don’t let the haters kill your shine, go ahead and post the 3rd selfie you’ve taken today. Creative projects, romance, and partying become important to us. All the clubs will be going off so it is a great night to go out and celebrate. Spread the happiness any way you can during this time! Things like crowds, a hot date, and being appreciated will light you up (even if you usually don’t like to go out)! This phase is perfect for remembering why you’re the shit, your amazing worth, and your incredible individuality. However, it is important we recognize everyone is in this mood and don’t let egos disturb this joyous time. During a Leo Moon, wear your fav outfit, do something you are passionate about, and spoil yourself.
Virgo Moon
Under a Virgo moon we suddenly become aware of things. Details we missed pop out at us and we review our choices and ourselves. The need to be critical and organize come to the front of our psyche. This is actually the best moon phase to do work and to get things done. You will be particular about what you are doing so anything you produce should turn out well. You may yearn for a hot yoga class, a vegetarian meal, or to be in nature. A walk through the woods will calm the anxious vibes you feel. Try to transform the need to worry into the drive to work. It is also a great time for healing. Due to the fact you are criticizing yourself, you can take the opportunity to stop negative self talk, get to the root of the issue, improve, and heal. There is a heightened sensitivity to cleanliness as well. Practical, modest, and useful activities take precedence. It’s a great day to be of service, pray, detox, and purify.
Libra Moon
Under a Libra moon we have the desire to be with others. Opposite to being under the Aries moon, we will see everyone’s point of view, be diplomatic, and seek a partner to do activities with. Social gatherings will have way more appeal. It’s a perfect time to meet someone new or go on a first date! You may “makeup” with people during this time for you’ve realized you enjoy their company or despise any kind of conflict. Shopping may also be an enjoyable pass time under this phase! Watch indulging in pleasure. We may become vain, surface level topics reign, and the meaning to “bae” takes on a whole new level. Flirting, as well as all types of communication increases. Art, visuals, and music are appreciated today. Beware of yearning for your ex during this time. The desire for a partner is only temporary and by the time the aries moon rolls around again you will be so over him! Under this phase, put on a cute outfit and just go mingle!

Scorpio Moon

Under a Scorpio moon feelings of jealously, rage, suspicion, uncontrollable intensity come to the surface. It’s an amazing time to probe your psyche. Once you get past those negative feelings, you can discover new depths to yourself. Let the intensity take over you. You have no choice but to give into these vibes if you want to rise above them. Although there are chaotic emotions, sensitivity, and overwhelming passion, there are ways to benefit deeply from the intensity. It is a great time for healing, reflection, and regeneration. You can transform and truly change a bad habit or thought pattern. Relationships also become important but in a different way than a Libra moon. Nothing surface level will do! We desire deep, intimate, soul connections with people. Your sex drive will definitely increase. It is a time when serious bonds and connections can be established or strengthened. Emotional exchanges will be meaningful. 

Sagittarius Moon
Under a Sagittarius moon we have the need for lighter emotional exchanges, freedom, adventure, and we have a big thirst for knowledge and fun. Try something new under this moon phase. A new restaurant, culture, or city! Going beyond your comfort zone is what is going to bring you peace. Topics like philosophy, religion, teaching, and learning things will dominate conversations. Everyone will be in a good mood if they are going with the moon phase flow. Worries are lessened because the here and now becomes the most exciting thing. All of the sudden we have faith in the goodness of the people around us. It is a lucky time and can bring in some wild vibes. However, don’t let the lackadaisical vibes distract you from taking responsibility for what needs to be done!
Capricorn Moon
Under a Capricorn moon, things like work and routine become important. Emotions are put on the back burner as whatever is deemed practical and useful comes to the surface. It’s time to close deals, not feel. Reevaluate what you want to manifest in life and make plans to make it happen. Whatever you have planted in the Taurus moon phase will come to bloom here. Work on your foundation for future endeavors. Under this phase, learn to not be overly serious and controlling! We want to get things done and at any cost but we must remember our spiritual nature as well. With a moon in Capricorn, you may put a lot of pressure on yourself but after all, that’s what makes a diamond right? Here’s some advice from a Capricorn woman: grind smarter, not harder!
Aquarius Moon
Under this phase we begin to question our existence. We feel very connected to the collective conscious. You may think something and then someone immediately says it. Social interactions also are favorited on this day. There may be an air of aloofness between people and yet a desire to be around them. Social media is very active during this phase. People are interested in humanitarian efforts, ideals, and seeing the big picture. You become detached from your emotions allowing you to see things from a different perspective. Float away from your own body and dream big. Grounding may be an issue during this phase. Try to balance the individual and the whole. Under this phase, you are more likely to be inventive, distant, and think logically.
Pisces Moon
Under this phase, everything you have been through and worked on accumulates and boils to the surface. The subconscious becomes the conscious. It is a great time for meditation, spiritual work, reflection, and healing. I find that napping and observing my dreams is extremely helpful under this phase. Dreams and the flow of the day will be very trippy. There is a constant shift of emotions so we experience a lot throughout the day. You may need to cry only to begin laughing five minutes later. You will be extremely sensitive, not only emotionally but energetically. Psychic abilities may increase. You may not want to participate with the material world on these days. You will want to go with the flow of your soul, not your routine schedule. It is an amazing day for insights, spiritual experiences, hiding under your covers, and creativity. Don’t be afraid to get lost in your own world, that’s when transcendence happens. However, beware of indulgence in laziness and fantasy.
Void of Course Moon
This is the astrological phenomenon known as the time when the moon has made it’s last aspect (interaction with another planet) and is waiting to move into the next sign. It’s a time when the moon isn’t really acting out a particular energy. As a result, we experience an eerie quietness on Earth. It’s a time when the cosmos say: dont move, just breathe! All of the sudden you feel stillness and have the desire to do nothing. It is one of my favorite times due to the quiet we feel as a collective.