Channel Meditation

We all have those we find to be inspiring, empowering, or just plain iconic. I have been called a leader before but make no mistake, all leaders have leaders and all gurus have gurus. In times of need, desperation, or confusion I turn to this sacred meditation to tune into those who lead me.

Channeling is a form of meditation and communication. It’s human to higher soul connection.

To begin, think of a positive person or someone who leads you or inspires you in some way. For me it’s my great grandmother, Harriet Tubman, and many others. Tune into their energy, what you love about them, their strengths, and how they dealt with their weaknesses. Allow their energy to come down your crown charka (located at the top of your head) and channel that energy to come down through your entire body. When you listen to someone’s music, read their work, or use their art, you are connecting with their energy in some way. This medi is a way to directly connect with gurus and their wisdom. Be aware of images, sounds, and repeated or strong thoughts that come through as these may be messages.

In times of peril or loneliness, it’s important to know there are people and souls all around to connect with, both present on earth and passed over.

Enjoy and channel wisely šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰


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