Drake Meditation



“Higher powers taking a hold on me…..”

I wrote this meditation about a year and a half ago about a Drake song that I heard. The song inspired me to take a positive outlet to negative energy and emotions I experienced. And so, we have the Drake Meditation:

Our “lower” emotions sit in our lower chakras where higher energies can be experienced in the higher chakras. Whenever you feel low, negative, angry, lustful, prideful, etc. use this meditation for transmuting and transforming of energy. This is a variation of a common meditation used by many master teachers.

Visualize your lower chakras. As you inhale bring that energy up from your root, sacral, and solar plexus up to your crown chakra. Hold that energy there and hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale.

Repeat until lower energy or emotions are transformed into peace and love.

love chakras


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