Just Feel: A Meditation 

Throughout our lives we are held to expectations emotionally. We are supposed to want the big career, the perfect husband, whatever your family wanted for you, or whatever you thought you wanted. Expantacy can confuse your emotions, influence bad choices, or create depression and anxiety. Sometimes other things can influence our feelings and make them it difficult to digest and feel such as astrological transits, routine, denial, a fast pace lifestyle, etc. This meditation is designed to help you with feeling your true feels. Connecting with heart space and your natural and sometimes chaotic emotional cycles. Quieting the mind and getting in the flow. 

To begin, sit or lay wherever you feel comfortable. Become aware of the dominant emotion you have. Become aware of the second and third most dominant emotion. Release resistance and judgement to what you feel. Feel what is dominant and what is subtle. Allow all of your feels and flow with them. Give time to feel each of them no matter how long it takes. Understand you don’t have to act on any of them. Know that just feeling is one of the greatest experiences there is. 

Namaste LOVERS


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