Routine, Rituals, Cycles, and Patterns: Keys to Success 

What do routine, rituals, cycles, and patterns have in common? They are the building blocks of our life. They create the energy we live our lives in. Routines are the choices we regularly choose to organize ourselves. They usually support our self care and work goals.  Rituals are spiritual routines. They are the actions we repeatedly do to honor our higher selves, God, etc. Cycles are natural patterns. The earth has cycles that come in the form of seasons. Relationships, work, and society have cycles that we go through and hopefully also grow through. Patterns can be behaviors, thought pathways, relationship or work struggles or successes. What is your routine? What are your rituals? Do you notice the cycles around you? What patterns do you have and where did you develop them? These questions can lead to great self understanding. Idenifying our routines, rituals, cycles, and patterns whether on a small, personal level or a cosmic one leads us to healing, control, and success. Become aware of the cycles around you and be conscious of the ones you create. Understand your patterns, create positive ones, and the world is yours. 


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